DevOps Dojo

The “DevOps Dojo” was first introduced by Target because they had a desire “to move faster” and perceived that enabling rapid technological change was the key. Target had determined that a DevOps culture and technologies were essential but faced serious constraints of scale. They needed to introduce the latest ideas and concepts on a global organizational scale with limited resources. To resolve the dilemma Target created a small office that grew to almost 15,000 square feet where developers could get immersed in the practices and principles of DevOps.

SJ Technologies will soon be offering a DevOps Dojo where a space will be dedicated for government organizations. Participants will be able to work directly and interactively with our DevOps subject matter experts. The DevOps Dojo will provide a base for learning DevOps practices and principles through immersive learning. Participants will build their expertise more deeply and quickly than they would through traditional methods of attending multiple individual training classes.



  • Lean Startup/Enterprise Principles (MVP, Validated Learning, Build Measure Learn)
  • Understand Value Streams (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Visualizing Workflow (Kanban)
  • Delivery Flow (CI/CD)


  • Containers
  • Container Orchestration
  • Configuration Management
  • Cloud Technologies
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