Our DevOps approach assists organizations with coaches who assist organizations with innovative practices and technology such as an automated Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline (CI/CD Kanban workflows, Automated Test Driven Development, Jenkins for automated deployment, micro-services architecture, cyber security, cloud solutions, and more. We can transform an entire application through lift and shift or assist you to incrementally modernize at your own pace.


Our DevOps Story: SJ Technologies at a Large Government Agency

A LARGE GOVERNMENT AGENCY FACING SERIOUS OBSTACLES WITH A LEGACY SYSTEM, REACHED CAPACITY IN HANDLING CRITICAL TRANSACTIONS. This limitation also impeded much needed plans to expand the application into other internal and external organizations. More importantly, it had become increasingly difficult to respond to changing circumstances in the business users’ environment and technical debt was growing. Faced with this situation, management decided to modernize and enhance the legacy system using an Agile approach in a Cloud development environment. Our subject matter experts were brought in to lead the effort and coach the agency’s personnel on the new methodologies and technologies.

Our solution was to create a DevOps team consisting of cross-organizational stakeholders of business users, developers and operations. We implemented best practices, such as daily stand-up meetings, which provided a perfect venue for gathering requirements. Leveraging incremental requirements was a key factor in the team’s success and it created a continuous feedback loop between the business owners and the delivery team. Another example of the Agile methodology we followed was our use of Kanban workflows, which were selected because they provided a way to visualize the process, manage the workflow, and limit the work in progress. In addition, since they facilitate visualization, improvement and evolutionary change was possible





  • Product Backlog
  • Stand-up Meeting
  • Retrospectives
  • Visualize the Work
  • Limit Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Manage Flow
  • Evolutionary Change
  • Improve Collaboratively
  • Evolve Experimentally
  • Stand-up Focusing on Stories Rather Than Individuals
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Refactoring
  • Continuous Integration
  • Collective Code Ownership
  • Simple Design
  • Sustainable Pace
  • User Stories
  • Collaborative Work Space
  • On-Site Customer

The team also leveraged processes and technology such as Jenkins and Chef that allowed for the automation of the build and deploy process. Collaboration and discussion occurred at the daily stand-up meetings, which included the data center staff, as well as business users. Development work began immediately in the AWS cloud environment. Therefore, our DevOps culture of build and deploy combined with automated integration technology created a Continuous Integration / Continuous Development Pipeline (CI/CD) pipeline.

When the time came for the cut-over to the new system, the production environment was ready and a successful build had been prepared using the automation employed throughout the development and testing process. The successfully adopted CI/CD process was completed and the new system was now in production. More Importantly was the fact that the new system was able to accept daily deployments of fully tested software into production.


  • New software was delivered in hours instead of months
  • System was delivered on-time and within budget
  • System now supports 99% availability
  • Client is now a partner and has visibility into system
  • Ability to respond rapidly to changing environment (e.g. regulatory compliance)