IT Modernization

SJ Technologies has modernized legacy systems at many government agencies, including the US Air Force, Office of Personnel Management, and the US Treasury. We can reengineer or refactor legacy code or we can migrate and enhance it incrementally into microservices.

Below is a case study of one development effort that involved, reengineering, enhancements, and security such as multi-factor authentication approached as a DevOps solution.



The Office of Personnel Management/Office of the CIO (OPM/OCIO) was engaged in the transformation of its 25-year-old legacy application called EPIC, to a portal based presentation via the web. SJ Technology was the prime contractor providing OPM with Oracle WebCenter and Identity and Access Manager Support services, which includes upgrades, configuration and customization services and/or expert technical assistance. This program enables the OPM/OCIO to meet critical deadlines with respect to the transformation of its Personnel Investigation System, otherwise known as EPIC Transformation. The selection and setup of the framework technology had been ongoing and represented a major technology upgrade for OPM/FS. SJ Technology used Oracle’s Unified Method (OUM) to provide a proven framework of best practices and repeatable processes for managing project activities. OUM is fully aligned with the PMBOK (Fourth Edition) and provides flexible, iterative approaches well suited for defining, building and executing against EPIC Framework requirements. SJ Technology recognized that our mutual success required a framework by which our teams can collaborate and make decisions that promote the achievement of project objectives, promotes shared decision-making, transparency in planning and executing project activities.

SJ team performed requirements analysis, design, development and deployment for extending the Identity & Access Management (IAM) components to support alternative two (2) factor authentication requirements for Next Portal 2 (NP2) application which was built at the core framework level. This was accomplished by enabling Oracle Access Manager’s advance multi-factor authentication capabilities which provides One Time Password features in addition to User-Name, Password and Smart Card (PIV) integration.

Although SJ ensured that the necessary documentation is completed and correct according to OPM’s System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Policy, the team followed an Agile methodology, formed a team of stakeholders, and delivered code iteratively after two-week development sprints. In keeping with a practice of automating technology, the team implemented a continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline.

This promotes process consistency and broad stakeholder engagement, and as a result, cost savings to the Agency. The EPIC project was delivered on-time and on track with the projected budget and an additional related project Next Portal 2 (NP2) is already underway.