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For the past 10 years, I have been a services person stuck in a software suit. In 2007 I sold my interest in a services company and did something really crazy… I started a blog about open source and enterprise systems management.

Not too soon after that the “brilliant” Simon Wardley called me and asked me if I wanted to work with him on becoming one of the industries earliest “Cloud” evangelist working at Canonical with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (EUC). After that Adam Jacob came calling and wanted to know if I wanted to join his cool new startup called Opscode (now called Chef).  All along I thought this open source, cloud, ESM stuff would be a brilliant opportunity for services but I kept finding these amazing software company opportunities. Next George Reese came calling and asked me if I could replicate what I did at Chef in his multi cloud management company called Enstratius. We sold that company to Dell.  Still trying to get my roots back to services I started fiddling with DevOps and Networking and that resulted in a 3-month-old software company, Socketplane, that was sold to Docker.  So when an old sales rep from my old services days recently called me and told me about an exciting company she had created and that she wanted me to head up her DevOps and Digital services practices I thought this might be the right time. One of the things about the organization I am joining is that they work with a lot of government agencies.  I have never worked with the government and I know it will be hard but as they say, go big or go home.  I am hoping to apply my learned DevOps practices and principles to see if I can create positive change for some of these agencies. I will be communicating a lot of my experiences on this blog so stay tuned.  Although leaving Docker was a hard decision, in the end, I’m services person stuck in a software suit.

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